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Start Organic lifestyle On Budget For Beginners

You’ve been wanting to live a more natural and healthy lifestyle.
You don’t know where to begin.
Don’t worry.. I will help you.. 

I will share some of my tips to start Organic lifestyle on budget.

Remember : When you first get started, Organic living can be over whelming. It can seem like everything you know and love is bad for your health. In this guide, I hope to remove that overwhelm and provide a realistic balance.

Even I was confused in the beginning of my organic journey. I have researched a lot.. Read a lot of books and articles.. Finally I realized that, changing our lifestyle suddenly is not so easy.. It has taken few years for me but I can now say I have replaced most toxic things. Doing this slowly helped me not drive myself or my family completely bonkers. Give time to yourself. Begin with small changes. Feel comfortable with yourself. 

Now let’s get started…

 Stop buying Beverages and packaged food.

Some people may feel strange by seeing the first point. Generally, lots of people say that begin your organic journey by eating organic food. But, what I strongly believe is before eating something healthy we have to avoid something which is unhealthy. Beverages and packaged food contains preservatives which are not good for our health. Instead of beverages and packaged food switch to fresh fruit juice and homemade food (you can find unlimited recipies from youtube). Trust me guys.. Homemade food is delicious and it will cost you less.

start organic life by Stop buying beverages and packed food

Reduce using Plastic.

Start with reducing finally stop using plastic. We don’t realize that in our day to day life we are using so much of plastic which is harmful to human health and environment. Plastic is not so easy to recycle. Instead of plastic bags start using cloth bags. Carry your own bag to the shops. Start using glass or stainless steel containers instead of plastic containers. As for garbage bags, there are plenty of bio degradable organic options out there.

start organic life by Reduce using Plastic.

Use bio-friendly cleaning products.

Healthier home comes from good cleaning. Cleaning is a necessary part of healthy living and maintaining safe and beautiful home. Regular cleaning sessions allow you to clear out allergens, dust and other contaminants while improving the interior aesthetics of your living space. By switching to products made from natural safe and effective ingredients, you’ll be contributing to a healthier home and planet overall.

start organic life by using bio friendly cleaning product

Start a small balcony kitchen garden.

A balcony kitchen garden is a beautiful and relaxing place to spend your time. You can grow herbs, vegetables, creepers, shrubs, and even the dwarf trees. By having a balcony kitchen garden you can use fresh herbs and veggies for cooking. Of course, you cannot feed your family daily, but you can still have own organic and delicious harvest. A few edibles like tomatoes, peppers, chilies, eggplants, many green leafy vegetables grow well.

start organic life with small balcony kitchen garden

Breath cleaner air.

Protect your family from harmful chemicals and choose safer, non toxic air freshners. Now, I’m not going to get into the debate about chemicals and toxins. If that is a concern for you, then there are many, many studies available which talk about what goes into these products. Switch to essential oils potpourri and oil diffusers.

I don’t recommend scented candles because most of candles are made from paraffin wax which releases toxic chemicals like benzene and toluene when burned. These chemicals are known carcinogens (cancer causers) and can aggravate conditions like asthma and cause respiratory issues.    


Filter your Water.

We have to drink water to stay hydrated but we don’t know the water we are drinking is safe or not. So, it’s better to have a water purifier at home. If not purifier, own a water pot. It’s better to avoid chilled water and also avoid drinking water from plastic bottles.

You can also read : How much water to drink in a day? When and Why?

blog how much water to drink a day

Use less makeup.

It’s not useless makeup.. I’m just trying to say, use less amount of makeup. Try natural home remedies for beautiful and healthy skin. Instead of using makeup removals use natural oils to remove makeup. A major indicator of healthy skin is a natural glow by applying fruit facemasks you can obtain a natural glow. Natural beauty is the best beauty.. bring it out..

organic makeup


My best suggestion to tackle this process is to start with your food, cleaning supplies, then move on to cosmetics. Making these three changes will likely make a significant difference in your daily toxic exposure. This won’t be so financially burdensome. I hope you like the article, start organic lifestyle on budget for beginners.

Where are you on your Organic journey? Leave me a comment below or connect on the contact page!

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