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Natural Hair Care Tips

Indian women are famous for their beautiful, long, voluminous and healthy hair. Most of the Indians prefer Natural Hair Care because hair is associated with beauty charm and attractiveness. As we all know, Indian natural hair care tips are unique, simple and comfortable to follow. For some fortunate people, long hair just happens and for the rest of the people, it requires patience. But, don’t worry little effort and slight changes in hair care routine can solve your hair problems.

Common Reasons For Hair Problems

  • Pollution
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle
  • Sun Exposure
  • Applying Chemicals
  • Stress

It’s better to control this before it gets worse.
In this article I will share you how our Indian ancestors used to take care of their hair naturally.
Now let’s get started…

Oil Massage for hair

Oil massage hair is the most important ritual in traditional hair care. It is the secret to long, thick, shiny hair. Oiling is something that should never go out of fashion! But unfortunately, it seems to be falling out of fad these days. This is mainly because of some wrong notions about oiling. Therefore, All the fancy hair products in the market is perhaps making us forget grandma’s recipe to great hair.

Indian Hair Care - Oil massage

Which oil to use for hair?

You can use Coconut oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil or any oil which is suitable to your hair. In fact, you can also make your own oil by infusing hair nourishing herbs like neem oil, ginger oil, etc. If you have dry hair, It is better to prefer hot oil treatment.

When to apply hair oil?

It’s important to leave the oil at least an hour or better over night.

Why is oiling needed?

It is needed because it hydrates and nourishes your hair. An oil massage also increases hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles. It also improves blood circulation to the scalp.

Further, oiling plays an important role in protecting hair from damage. It can also increase the tensile strength of the hair, Reduce frizz prevent breakage and make it over all more manageable. Oil acts as a sealant, sealing the cuticles, protecting it. Oil also helps to keep the scalp cool.

So, make oiling a part of your hair care routine and never skip it.

Note: Initially, when I started to oil my hair, I noticed a lot of hair coming out. It made me worry at first, but in few weeks time, I noticed new hair sprouting out to replace the fallen ones. So the hair coming out at the start was simply the weak hair, which would have fallen out very soon away. Oiling your hair regularly will make your hair strong and free of split ends.

Applying Aloe vera on hair

Aloe vera is a natural magical conditioner for hair. Our ancestors used it as a conditioner. It also contains vitamins A, C and E which contribute to cell turnover, promoting healthy cell growth and shiny hair. Therefore, Aloe vera gel benefits hair by repairing damaged cells in the scalp which improves hair follicle health and increases blood circulation. This gel forms a protective layer around hair to keep it consistently hydrated. It also protects hair from damage caused by sun, pollution and other environmental elements. 

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Aloevera for hair

When to apply Aloe vera on hair?

 15 to 20 minutes before head bath. You can also apply aloe vera after oiling your hair.

How to apply Aloe vera on hair?

  • Take a Aloe vera leaf
  • Cut the edges of the leaf
  • Let it sit a side for 5 minutes. So that the yellow liquid comes out of the leaf
  • After that, Wash the leaf with fresh water.
  •  Using a spoon, collect the gel.
  •  Now, Rub or Apply the mixture directly on the scalp and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes.

Homemade shampoo for hair

I must say…. Homemade shampoo smells great and leaves hair feeling light and soft. For centuries people in India have mostly used various fruits, barks, stem, seeds and leaves to make their own shampoo. Actually, Indians used to make their own customized shampoo according to their hair type. It is also cheaper.

The common Shampoo which most of the Indians used for their hair is made of 3 ingredients

  1. Shikakai
  2. Soapnut or Reetha
  3. Amla or Indian gooseberry

How to make homemade shampoo?

  • Boil 750ml of water
  • Add  10 grams of shikakai (seed less) , 10 grams of Reetha (seed less), 5 grams of Amla into the boiling water
  • Boil the whole mixture for 5 minutes.
  • Let the mixture cool.
  • Strain before use.


  • Use steel bowl to boil
  • You cannot make a large amount because it turns bad.
  • You can also use powders ( shikakai, reetha, amla)  to prepare this shampoo
  • This Shampoo makes your hair little dry. If you have  dry hair, add fenugreek seeds while boiling the mixture.

Dry Hair Naturally

Women in India used to dry their hair naturally. Letting your hair dry naturally is the secret to have healthy hair. They haven’t used any hot styling tools and blow dryers.

Dry Hair Naturally is a part of Indian Hair care tips

Wet hair care tips

  • Do not tie wet hair, let your hair be loose until it dry completely
  • Do not comb or brush your hair
  • Do not squeeze or twist hair while it is wet.
  • Do not roughly rub your hair with towel.

Bonus Tip: After your hair is completely dry, apply 2 to 3 drops of oil (coconut, almond, olive, Castor) at the ends of your hair. It works as a magical serum for your hair and reduce split ends.

Tie braids for hair

Most of us used to braid our hair before going to school during childhood. Remember? Now that we are grown up, our mothers don’t run behind us to tie our hair into braids. None of us have time to pay attention to our hair like our mothers grandmothers used to do during our childhood. It is time to live those days again. Start braiding your hair again.

Braiding Hair is a Indian hair care tip

Benefits of braiding your hair

  • Prevents hair tangles
  • Best hairstyle for frizzy hair
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Locks moisture.

Hope you like some of the Indian natural hair care tips for healthy hair. If you have any queries regarding this article or you want to know more Indian Hair care tips or organic life, please click here to contact me.

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  1. Amazing hair care tips. I experience severe hair fall when I feel stressed due to work pressure. I make sure that I massage my scalp with almond oil at the weekend to ease out the stress. I have started to braid my hair to restrict hair fall. Do share some of the other natural hair care products.

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