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Beauty Hacks For Skin That Makes Your Skin Glow

We all want to have naturally beautiful skin but unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with flawless skin. Men or women, we all have our own skin problems. According to me, Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin. I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skincare, you really won’t need a lot of makeup. In fact, the health of our skin totally depends on us. Just spend some time for yourself to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Moreover, the best gift that we can give ourselves is healthy skin. Simple and natural beauty hacks for skin really help us. So in this article, I’ll share Some Beauty hacks for your skin that make your skin glow.

Remember that Beauty begins the moment when you decide to be yourself.

Now let’s get started.                        

Beauty hacks for skin oil massage on face

Oil massage for face

Daily massage your face with oil for 5 minutes. Facial massages increase blood circulation, resulting brighter and youthful skin. Massaging your face also reduces stress and makes you feel relaxed.

Steps to follow for face brightening massage with oil

  • Wash your face with just water
  • Clean your face properly
  • Now, Take required amount of oil in your hands
  • Rub the oil in your palm
  • Gently massage your face with your fingers in circular motion
  • Massage for 5-10 minutes
  • Finally wash your face with a mild face wash.

If you have oily skin apply almond or jojoba oil and if you have a sensitive skin apply coconut oil. For dry skin you can apply coconut oil.

beauty hacks for skin ice massage

Massage ice cube on face

Ice massage on the face gives you radiant and glowing skin. It helps to reduce the redness and inflammation of the skin and improves blood circulation. Rubbing an ice cube on the face is a great solution for puffy eyes. In fact, rubbing an ice cube before makeup can make it last longer. Skin icing makes your skin tight and helps you to get rid of wrinkles. You can do this in the morning or night before sleeping.

How to massage ice cube on face

  • Cover the ice cube in a hand kerchief or in a cloth
  • Now, Rub or tap the ice cube on a clean face

Do not rub ice cube directly on your face.

water in a glass

Drink for clear skin

Water does wonders for our skin. So, drink the required amount of water to hydrate our skin. Drinking water properly flushes out all the toxins and impurities from our body and brightens our skin. It also prevents premature aging and reduces puffiness. Water drinking also can fasten the healing process when you got sun burnt. Water balances the oil and water content on the skin and prevents acne.

beauty hacks for skin green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables for glowing skin

I believe that what we eat will have a direct impact on our skin. We have been told to eat our green vegetables since childhood because green veggies have vitamins that can solve our skin issues naturally. Leafy green veggies are known to have many health benefits that improve your skin. Including green veggies in our diet brings a lot of difference in our skin.

pillow case

Change your pillow case

Your pillowcase has some pretty direct contact with your face that means it has a lot of opportunities to damage your skin. So, you have to change your pillowcase regularly and keep it clean. The Dirty pillowcase is a leading cause of acne. Not only your skin your hair also gets damaged. I suggest, switch from cotton fabrics (pillow covers) to silk to get more benefits.

I hope you like the article beauty hacks for skin that makes your skin glow. If you have any queries related to this article or Organic life, feel free to contact me.

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Frequently asked questions

Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, Swiss chard are some green leafy vegetables best for skin. Mint, coriander, curry leaves are also good for skin.

Of course yes, you get lot of benefits by rubbing ice on face. your skin becomes tight and wrinkles get vanished. But remember that don’t rub ice directly on the face. Cover the ice cube in a cloth.

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