Know About Me

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Hi there!

I’m Sreelekha. Born and raised in India. I’m excited to tell you why this is the place to be. I am passionate about healthy living, the kind that has me digging in the earth, learning how to eat and how to live like our ancestors did, if you feel any kinship to any of these ideals, you’re in the right place.

I have taken the leap to share my passion for organic life. At Myna Organic Life I would love to share my findings and my experience with you. I always love sharing my little bits and findings with people and inspire them to create a better life.

How it started?

When I was 17 I noticed that my skin and hair becoming dry and dull. I used some products which has given me the instant results and then one day my grandmother asked me
“why are you applying all this?”
“ For good skin..” I replied.
She laughed and said “In our days I didn’t applied any of these creams but my skin is great even in 60’s.” Those words really got struck in my head. I was thinking about it all day because what she said was true. She has a great skin.
Then slowly I went to her and asked about her skin secrets. She said “what we put in will reflect out.” My Granny will never give a straight answer to me but I hope you got the point. And she also shared some DIY’s with me. Then I started eating healthy and tried some of those DIY’s. I didn’t noticed any change for few days.. but after few days I was surprised by seeing the changes in my skin. Slowly my skin becoming soft, healthy and glowing. Acne marks on my face was vanished completely. I love it..Then I started to learn more about our ancestors skin care, food habits, and lot more. Slowly I changed my routine lifestyle into organic lifestyle and that’s where this organic girl comes in.

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